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Feudalism & Daily Life
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This website has ALL the information you'll need to get the goods on the 'Feudal System' and daily life in the high middle ages!!!

          The high middle ages are a very different type of environment, and style of life compared to the lifestyle we live in our modern day society. While exploring this site you will be able to identify and recognize those differences in the average daily life from today, compared to if you were born 1000 years ago. 


          To get an accurate idea of what the average daily life was for commoners during the 'Feudal' times, click on the 'Personal Ad' and that will give you an excellent sense of being there, 100 years ago.

          You will be amazed at how different the daily life was back in medieval times, relative to the life you live today. While exploring this site you will also get a in depth look at what the 'Feudal System' was, who was involved, and how it functioned.



So take the tour, and plunge into the reality of what the world was like 1000 years ago!!!



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