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Feudalism & Daily Life
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Read the testimonies below for brief descriptions on what it would be like for you to go back throught time, and live the lives that peasants, lords, and knights lived!!!

When I Was a Peasant...(By: Kevin Greenwood)
Wow! I would never have expected life to be so different as a peasant in the high middle ages! Did you know that when I re-visited the high middle ages as a peasant I didnt even legally own my own body??? Thats insane! There were alot of injustices done towards peasants back then, just listen!
I had to harvest food for an entire community, let alone my own family! I worked the whole day, and seldomly had time to rest. Us peasants only got to rest on Sundays and religious holidays, but every other day it was work, from dusk t'il dawn. I always felt very tired because I hardly had the energy to harvest enough food for myself and my family!

My work clothes would get very dirty, but we never washed any of our outside clothes!! In fact.. we never washed our underwear either!!! Ha ha ha, just joking, we washed our undergarments regularly, and did you know we would blow woodsmoke on our clothing to mask the smell!?!?! ... Its not the same as 'Old Spice Deodorant' but believe it or not, it did the trick! Women would make our clothes out of common material found locally, no 'Versace' for me back then! In the winter time we wore sheepskin cloaks, but we were still outside for many hours working for our lords!
Being a peasant in the Feudal Society is hard work!!! I think I would rather stay here and enjoy my mp3's and videogames thank you very much!

Lord of Manor, A.O.K! (By: Hardly Davidson)
Well, I must say, after living the life of a Lord in the high middle ages, there is no going back to this crummy day & age. The life of a lord was high class stuff! I controlled my own village, that included my HUGE castle, a church, and farmland, I had sevral personal assistants, and even my own personal Steward!!!
When I was a lord, I had sooo much free time on my hands! Most of the day was spent hunting game in my private woodland with friends, or practicing archery and fighting techniques. But the bottom line was I got to CHOOSE what I did!
My responsibilities as a lord was to govern and keep control of my village, but the beauty of it was... That my steward basically did all my work for me! A steward is a man that kept records of my estates finances, kept the farmers in line and he would run my manor whenever i was out of the area! If you ask me, thats a pretty sweet deal!

Did I also mention us lords are fighting machines?? Well, not literally, but we were all trained Knights! Thats so cool, I mean, i got to ride horses, practice with swords, and other awsome weapons, and if the King ever needed me and my servants for defence, I would fight in battle.... AWSOME!
My house, WOW! Im talking HUGE! My castle is immense and it (along with the Church) is the centre of the community! And housework??? What housework?? My servants do all that for me! So in conclusion, if you ask me being a lord in the Feudal Society is a pretty sweet deal!

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