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Feudalism & Daily Life
General Information on Feudalism


General Information on Feudalism
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Here is the general information on the Feudal Society, followed by factors that led to its decline after lasting hundreds of years...

          The 'Feudal Society' originated in the Frankish Kingdoms at around 900 CE. This was the social structure of how the high middle ages functionned all the way up until its decline at around 1400 CE.
          Feudalism was a political and economical system used by most of Europe between the 9th and 15th centuries CE. The Feudal system primarily involved the Kings of the land, and the nobles, barons and bishops that served them. The general idea was that a King would distribute his land to nobles and bishops in return for services. The land that was distributed was commonly called 'fiefs'. The fiefs were given only after a noble would pledge himself to serve the King in times of war and to protect the King, and provide a military service in times of war.

         The idea of 'feudalism' lasted throughtout Europe for hundres of years. This idea seemed to fit Darwins theory of "Survival of the Fittest" or "Natural Selection" because the rich held the power, the rich got richer, and the poor held no power, and got poorer.
         The living conditions were very poor for peasants, they were under nourished and were forced to work all day to fulfill their duties to the lord, and feed their families. These were contributing factors of why the plague 'Black Death' took the lives of thousands of peasants across Europe. This led to a rapid demand of workers for land. The peasants realized this demand and started to revolt, and leave their land in search for better pay, and living conditions elsewhere. This created a great stir-up in the feudal society, because all ranks and members rely on each other to funtion as a unit.
         These peasant revolts were a great cause of the feudal society's decline in approx. 1500 CE, because without peasants to work the land, the feudal system doesnt even exist...

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Here is a Knight, Knights were lords that owned the land given to them by Barons and Bishops.

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