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Feudalism & Daily Life
Quiz Time!!!


General Information on Feudalism
Terms and Definitions
Who's Who in the Feudal System
Personal Ad
Time Table
Quiz Time!!!
Quiz Answers

Grab a pen and a piece of paper because here is the time to test your knowledge!!! Write down the numbers 1-7, and for each question write down what letter you think the answer coresponds to!

**Ms Chong** I couldnt get the template to work with sorry

1) When did the feudal system take place?

A) High Middle Ages
B) Early Middle Ages
C) Late Middle Ages
D) Roman Empire

2) Who held the most power in the entire feudal system?

A) Bishops
B) Barons
C) Peasants
D) King

3) Who held the most power in the manor?

A) Peasants
B) Lord
C) Steward
D) Bailiff

4) What did nobles offer the King in return for land?

A) Protection/Military Service
B) Food
C) Women
D) Money

5) What did peasants get in return for working for their lord?

A) Food
B) Clothes
C) land to farm
D) Silver

6) Who held the least amount of power in the Feudal System?

A) King
B) Bishop
C) Peasants
D) Barons

7) What was the plague called?

A) Black Death
B) Black Mamba
C) Orange Warts
D) Violent Death